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Tidal Flats is a Web3 creative studio that focuses on professional NFT game development, community building, and overall operations.
Our mission is to take the concept of a Web3 creative studio to the next level and leverage the power of the NFT pfp community to increase brand awareness and create a unique gaming ecosystem. We distinguish ourselves from other NFT projects by bringing a level of professionalism from the Web2 environment into the Web3 space.

Who we are and what we do

Tidal Flats: Evolvement of the Contents Building Eco-system
Our vision for Tidal Flats is to create a strong IP product with strong value on the pfp side and enjoyable gameplay on the P2E side.
By combining two different sectors within the blockchain industry under a single IP, we aim to create a complementary relationship that supports and enhances the value of both.


Your favorite Dark Fantasy Saga of tomorrow. This is a diesel punk franchise that combines PFP values and gaming under a single intellectual property. The project is centered around its story and art, with a post-apocalyptic background.
Project Fidelion's goal is clear: build the best apocalyptic dark fantasy saga IP. We will build a web3 IP focused on developing products featuring the Fidelion IP. Our strategy involves building a dedicated fan base around web3 IP and NFT, and we can more easily onboard many web2 users through our pfp users and community.
Our initial goal is to attract web2 customers, and we plan to achieve this by developing a lightweight mobile game that will appeal to a wide range of web2 players.
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Mega Road

Light-Size Mobile Gaming
Initially, we will focus on developing relatively simple and easy-to-play games that introduce the concept of combining NFTs with web2 gaming.
Project Name / MEGA ROAD
Platform / Mobile
Genre / Roguelike ARPG
Players / Single, PVE
Age / 8+
Style / Casual
Roguelike - Survive against mutations, beasts, machines, and harriers. Protect yourself by switching weapons and gear to become stronger. Support your character by giving orders and deploying special attacks during battle.
Survival - Survival is the top priority. Successful defenses are rewarded with in-game resources and tokens.
Gear - Defend yourself from attackers by upgrading, deploying, expanding, and experimenting with your gear. Upgrade and customize your weapons as you collect tokens in battle.
Missions - The game features a single combat system whose primary goal is simply surviving the attacks. Watch other players, learn the best combinations of your weapons and skills, and perform successful reprisals to earn bonus loot and resources.

Team Experiences

We only have the most talented people in the house.

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Executive Prouducer | Neostream | Little Deveil Inside Head of Studio | Smilegate Games Art Director | Giant Sparrow | The Unfinished Swan Art Director | Riot Games | The League of Legends Art Director | Hinterland | The Long Dark Lighting Director | Sucker Punch | Sly Cooper series

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